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Customer Testimonials

During the darkest days and heaviest of moments of my life, an author of a 'bestseller' seldom quenches the desperate thirst my fears and habits covet. The overwhelming knowledge and experience Christian was able to provide face to face, and over the phone, offered me the encouragement and comforting words i needed during my transitional period. Having the opportunity to work with Christian on a regular basis has been enormously fulfilling, and incredibly inspiring also. I can only see positive benefits coming out of working with Christian.

Marc d'Argent

I've known Christian for a little over 15 years now,  I've had the absolute privilege to also study and work alongside him. He's also helped me through some hard times throughout the years. Christian is one of those rare people with a gift to help and heal people, even the tough ones that most have given up on. Anyone who knows Christian would agree 100% . I personally have been able to share anything with Christian without any judgement or shame.  He's also helped me through my depression and to feel empowered.  These days even on the darkest days I try to always find a positive and Christian is definitely one of those positives, to know there's someone who will never give up on helping you is a feeling more people could do with.  

Sara Mill