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The Compass Program

When we experience emotionally charged events we rarely feel just one emotion at a time. A pivotal or intense experience can teach us to feel those two emotions as a set that is then always experienced together. We get ‘conditioned’ to experience that pair of emotions. So for example, grief felt as a child may have been linked up with vulnerability. Those two emotions can get ‘stuck’ together. So after that experience, the next time you feel grief, you may also feel the vulnerability you felt as a helpless child, without any good reason to do so.

Pavlov’s dog was conditioned to drool at the sound of a bell. You or I may be conditioned to feel fear when someone expresses their anger, even if its not directed at us. We end up bringing a lot of extra baggage to a situation that can make it harder for us to function.

Some linked pairs get in the way of us getting what we want. If every time we feel desire, (for a person, object or an experience) we also feel shame, how do we move towards having what we want? Do we go forward and suffer the shame, and find ourselves totally confused about what we are experiencing? Or perhaps we decide we can never have what we want and settle for a life in which we have, do or are far less than we wish for. Having a linked pair of emotions can be difficult but actually many emotions can become stuck to the first one. Along with desire and shame you also could link up anger, understandably because you are not happy with feeling this way. Add further layers of conditioning and we end up virtually paralysed by all the the things we are avoiding and reacting against. 

As your 'Navigator' I will assist you to find and get rid of those stuck emotions.

During and after the completing 'The Compass Program' you will still feel all of your emotions because emotions are meant to be felt and experienced, including some you may be currently avoiding, but your experience of them will be purer and without a lot of the extra static.

It will also still be possible for intense experiences to create new seeds of conditioning within you but you will learn how to identify and clean up all the new things that crop up in daily life so you can use these tools to move confidently into whatever future you desire.

One of the amazing things about 'The Compass Program' is you don’t have to re-live the experiences that formed your conditioning. Unlike other modes of therapy or experiences used to try and heal from traumatic experiences, this program works very gently and that is something which people find incredibly comforting.

If you are ready to unhinge a lifetime (or many) of conditioning and stuck energy then let's get started! 

This runs for a minimum of 8 sessions and is $2500. Payment plans available.

Contact me at [email protected] or (+61) 0421 178 884